2024 Labor Law Update Seminar (post-event video access)

Picture of 2024 Labor Law Update Seminar (post-event video access)
Grants access the 2024 Labor Law Update Seminar video recording (available online until 4/30/24). We will email a link to access the video shortly after your purchase has been processed.
You can still purchase the recording from
Red Bluff-Tehama County Chamber of Commerce!

Recording Description (available online until 4/30/24):

Every year, CEA HR subject matter experts digest the new employment laws and provide practical solutions for businesses at our annual Labor Law Update.

From a myriad of new employee rights to handbook policies and new required posters/notices, here are just a few of the changes:
  • Increased mandatory paid sick leave to a full week
  • New written Workplace Violence Prevention Plan requirement
  • New cannabis-use rights and restrictions on drug testing
  • Increased minimum wage and exempt salary minimum
  • New NLRB Standard impacting employee handbook policies
  • Revised criminal history regulations
  • Fundamental changes for fast food chains, including a $20/hour minimum wage
Recording Cost: $25
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